The Inn at Long Trail

Took the Wife to Vermont for Valentine’s Day weekend and stayed at the Inn at Long Trail. Beautiful place. Awesome food, really nice Irish pub, live music, lots of skiing nearby, and the Long Trail / Appalachian Trail practically go through the parking lot. Highly recommended — best (and only) bowl of Guinness Stew I’ve ever had.

We didn’t do any skiing, but since the AT / Long Trail were so close, we did do some day hiking in Gifford State Park (the AT runs through the park). Before we left I uploaded all the nearby geocaches to my gps and there happened to be one in the park.

Cool frozen river feeding Kent Pond:

Finding the Geocache:

Kent Pond:

One Response to “The Inn at Long Trail”

  1. Jkb says:

    Nice vids! Was the Guinness Stew before or after the trooping around in the snow? That makes a big difference! 😉

    (on a related note, you should check out the Guinness Stew at the Playwright (Irish Pub) in New Haven)