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Saturday, December 29th, 2012

So it’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted anything here; also been a long time since my last backpacking trip. Recently, though, I had a chance to finish a homemade backpack (with a great deal of sewing help) and that started me thinking of a few other gear projects that I’d been sitting on: a bivy sack and a lighter weight version of my original homemade backpacking quilt.

I decided to order the fabric for the quilt first. My original quilt used 5oz of insulation and was good down to 50 degrees Farenheit. The new one will have half the insulation and a few other features (snaps around the footbox and neck, for example), along with a lighter shell fabric (Momentum 50 versus the Momentum 90 nylon I used previously).

I ordered the fabric from on the 27th and today (29th) I had the fabric. Not only that, but Thru-hiker included a free copy of the book “Haunted Hikes of New Hampshire” and a mini-caribiner. Pretty awesome — I’ve ordered from them several times in the past and always been happy with the service, but this is particularly impressive.