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Back from the DIRT…

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

This year’s DIRT went pretty well. This year’s Wiffleball game became Boys vs Girls (and the Boys won, despite claims of cheating and illegal performance enhancing drugs).

Stefano, Joanne, Pete, and Michelle

Stefano, Joanne, Pete, and Michelle

The Horseshoe portion started fairly late (7:30 or 8pm) and went until 1:30am. The normal 10 rounds, followed by the playoffs, had to be shortened to 8 rounds (and we ended up playing only 7 games due to the late hour). We also only played to 8 instead of the normal 11 and the playoffs were played to 11 instead of 21. I made the playoffs but ending up placing fourth, but still had a lot of fun.

Too bad I didnt throw these...

Too bad I didn't throw these...

Not just the President, they're also members

They're also members

Going to the DIRT

Friday, August 7th, 2009

This weekend is the 2009 DIRT, otherwise known as the Dylan Invitational Recreational Tournament. Among the festivities is the traditional “Kids” Vs Old People Wiffle Ball game (kids being not so much kids as we were when the tradition first started, but the Old People are still Old…) and of course a horseshoe tournament; this is the summer edition of the AWSHIT winter horseshoe tournament, held for the last twenty years.